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Makeup Aesthetic: Intro

Makeup Aesthetic is a form of art and throughout ages, it has seen several changes and adaptations. A lot of people think that makeup is something that has come into being since the last couple of decades but in reality, makeup has been around since ancient times. We have all read about the Harappa and Mesopotamian civilizations, and these were the earliest civilizations recorded in history. People started living in tougher homes made of stones and bricks, and society started to form little by little.

Makeup Aesthetic: Crucial Info

Back then also, people, especially women, wore makeup. Now, back in those days makeup was not as advanced as it is today, and people mainly used minerals and other natural things like fruits and flowers to get the colours of their choice. In India, the phenomenon of wearing Kajal has been passed down for generations, and the most natural way of making this kajal has been through burning and collecting the lamp black from almonds. These kajals were not only of a very dark black colour, but also very nourishing for the eyes. Makeup products as well as styles started evolving gradually and it is a continuous process. The makeup look that was a signature a couple of years ago are not something that will be worn today. However, people keep being inspired.

Makeup Aesthetic:

What’s the thing that comes to your mind when you think about makeup? Probably the very thing that forms the ideology of makeup, which is cosmetics. There are a lot of cosmetics meant for different kinds of usage, but a lot of times, interchanging is also done.

Take a look at this list for some cool makeup tips and aesthetics:

  • Makeup looks differ from person to person, as well as one particular occasion to another. Some people like to do makeup that is pretty artistic, with different kinds of eyeliner patterns, eyeshadows and more, whereas some people like to wear light makeup that only consists of some of the essentials, like lipstick, blush and powder. Another thing is, you will see that the way one person dresses up during a party and the way one does during Halloween are quite different.
  • Makeup techniques vary from one culture to another. During wedding season in India and other south-east cultures, brides and other wedding guests tend to wear makeup that can be quite expressive and colourful. In south-east Asian weddings, both the bride and the guests are always dressed nicely as this is an occasion for both brides and guests to celebrate. Although the celebratory aspect is present in weddings of other cultures as well, in Christian weddings particularly, it is an unspoken rule to not overshadow the bride by makeup or outfits. Makeup products have also evolved throughout the ages, along with the ingredients used in them. Back in the day when makeup was starting to get more and more popular, 
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