90s Nails: Designs, Ideas, Looks, Creative, Magical.

90s Nails

The 90s was the era of colors and pop music, with glitter and metallic looks. The nails thus followed the same trends and were designed the same way. Generally, the nails were a canvas full of colourful dots, or patterns were imprinted on the nail. Even nails were subject to colourful based upon which different, simple designs were painted (90s Nails).

90s Nails: Vampy shades

90s Nails was the age of growing rock music, bands and rock icons. Gothic fashion was also in rising trend. Both of these were the reason for the favourability of vampy shades. Vampy shades include black, grey, greyish brown, deep purple and all other extremely dark colours. 

90s: Metallic nails

Another extremely popular 90’s trend was the wave of metallic nail paint. Nails were subject to the metallic textures and colours ranging from silver to blue. The metallic nails made their way to celebrities for sure. The nails to give them a metallic look were first prepared.

90s Nails
Best of 90s Nails

Then applied with a regular nail paint, after the application a metallic powder is brushed on the nails which left the metallic look. Another simple way for the look was introduction of metallic nail paints. 

90s Nails: Red nail polish

The 90s was about extermination but the classic always made there way through the eras. Red nails are perfect example of the classic nails. A layer of red nail paint is applied over the nails smoothly. The red nails were immensely popular for everyday wear and for big events. Celebrities tended to lean towards red nails and were seen casually wearing those. The red nails have been the evergreen form of nail design throughout many eras. It does indeed shows an angle of 90s aesthetic.

90s Nails: Half-moon designs

Half moon designs signify painted of roughly a bad circle/ moon on the bottom of the nail. These nails generally are oval shaped and painted with preferred colours like pink, light green, other colours like red , blue, purple were also seen. The moon was generally painted with lighter colours or even white was widely seen (90s Nails)

90s Nails
Creative touch of 90s Nails

Square extensions

Nail extensions are tools which help make the nail longer artificially. These nails could be crafted out of gel or acrylic nails. The square extensions were very popular in the 90s. The square nails oozed of class and elegance. These could be wore everyday to work and even to parties. 

French tips

The trendy French tips date long back. These tips were immensely popular in the 90’s. They were simple, chic and elegant, they literally were the go to nails for everybody. The French tips are simply nails with nude base colours and white tips. Square nails and white tips are both casual and fancy. 

Chunky glitter

Since the period hadn’t gone through the revolution for nail industry yet, the nails were still a very important part of outfits. This, for glamorous events like big dinner parties and award nights etc , chunky glitter nails were the panacea. The nails were first painted with a base colour and then a gel coat was applied. The glitter was sprinkled over the nail and excess was dusted off. The nails were ready to shine and sparkle! 

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