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Dark Witch Aesthetic

Dark Witch Aesthetic: Intro Dark Witch Aesthetic

A dark witch is a great option if you’re having trouble coming up with a Halloween costume. This traditional costume is simple to put together and may be customised however you wish! Before heading out for a wonderful Halloween evening, choose your outfit, apply your makeup, and grab your broomstick. Although most people think of October as the witch season, real witches use clothing all year long to look spellbinding and cast spells, even influencing the design industry. Although there are currently over 120k posts using the hashtag #witchcore on Instagram, it is still difficult to pinpoint the aesthetic. Witches can be found in thousands of various subcategories and are no longer only connected with pointy hats and long, black robes. Witchcore, on the other hand, may be simply described as an aesthetic that is concentrated on the concepts and practises of witchcraft and has grown in popularity both inside and outside of the fashion industry.

 Black dress: Dark Witch Aesthetic

With items you already own, choose your main costume. Distress the appearance to give it a rustic feel. There are numerous methods to make a plain black garment resemble one worn by a witch. The traditional witch costume consists of a long, victorian-era robe and a wide-brimmed witch hat. You can get a full-length, all-black gown to mimic the appearance of the classic evil witch. Black long sleeve shirts and tattered black jeans, together with kohled eyes and fly-away hair, are appropriate outfit combinations for a modern witch.

Black Stockings: Dark Witch Aesthetic

To keep your legs warm, put on some black stockings. Tights and stockings are not required, however they may be useful in chilly weather. To maintain the all-black theme, wear black tights.

Black Boots

Put on a pair of black heels or boots to complete your look. While pointed boots are traditionally worn by traditional witches, you are welcome to choose any other pair of black shoes. If you want to portray a more modern witch image, think about donning a pair of black high heels or trainers.

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Although while not many witches wear a cape, if you do, it might add a bit of eerie sophistication to your witch costume. Tie a black cape over your neck and let it hang behind you in order for everyone in the room to stop and take notice when you enter. A witch from the Victorian times would look beautiful with a black velvet cloak, whereas a witch from a more modern era may choose a black cotton cape.

Witch’s hat

A black witch’s hat is a necessary component of the witch’s outfit. The first part of your outfit that people will notice is this. You may simply build your own black witch’s hat using any black cloth, or you can get an inexpensive one from a costume or thrift store.


Apply some black eyeshadow with a pat, then use an eyeshadow brush to mix it up towards your eyebrow. To finish your gloomy, nasty look, apply some lengthy, winged eyeliner and a layer of black lipstick.


Broomsticks were a staple of the traditional witch’s transportation system. Find an old broomstick with a handle and unkempt bristles, then carry it about while you party the entire night.

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