Style Your Knee Length Skirts This Way

Knee Length Skirts

It all started in the 1920s. Maxi dresses were minimized to knee length skirts making it comfortable for women to walk and move freely. The hype of knee length skirts rose during the 1940s. Various materials and designs were sprouted for these skirts. It got easy to pair up different kinds and colors of blouses and skirts back then. And they were highly fashionable. Though mini skirts look adorable, it is reported that they are not that comfortable enough to wear all day. These knee length skirts are also called midi skirts.

They are available in many designs and patterns. Most popular ones would be the A-line and pleated skirts.

It is not popularly known that skirts were initially made for men. Until the 1960s, the fashion world has seen tremendous changes in skirts and their lengths making them look versatile and feminine.

Here are a few ways to style your knee length skirts!

A Button Down Knee Length Skirts

Beige is the color that everyone looks good in. It sure brightens one’s skin tone. Put an outfit together with this beige button down midi knee length skirt pairing with a white spaghetti top tucked in. Add a tan tote bag to match the outfit. A minimal necklace with a sea or beach inspired pendant would look fabulous for touring. This is an ideal outfit for summer and spring. Usually these button down skirts come in the material polyester.

A Pleated Midi: Knee Length Skirts

Who doesn’t love pleats? They allow one to walk comfortably without squeezing in at the sides of the thighs. It is not difficult to style a pleated style. A blue pleated knee length skirt can be chosen with a striped blue and white shirt with a collar. Accessorize the outfit with a diamond necklace or any sort of necklace with white stones or pearls. Do not go heavy with the earrings as we have already worn the necklace. Keep it simple by wearing small studs.

Knee Length Skirts
Best of Knee Length Skirts

Now go ahead and grab those tan heels. They look the best with navy blue. Add on a little buckle belt of the same shade tan to accentuate the whole outfit. Top it off with sunglasses and a black mini bag. One can wear this to brunches or semi formal events.

A Midi Ruffle Skirt

Ruffles skirts are classy any day. They absolutely look and feel timeless. To feel more vintage and retro, pick a skirt that has got three to four layers of ruffles on it. Preferably, light pink or beige. Pair it up with an olive green blouse with the neckline sweetheart to accentuate the bust. Match the bucket handbag with the blouse by making it olive green. Wear some white to yellow sandals. You can also wear heels if you would like to. To give more jazz to the outfit, curl your hair for the day out look. This is an ideal outfit for semi formal business meetings and can be worn once in a while to feel classy and vintage!

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