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Bill Dauterive

Sergeant William Fontaine de la Tour Dauterive (born 1963/1964), or Bill Dauterive, is Hank Hill’s overweight, and alone, straightforward, and eternally pitiful friend and neighbour. Stephen Root plays his voice.

Bill Dauterive: Appearance

Bill Dauterive is 5’8 and smaller than his friends. He is overweight, with peach skin & a paler tanline concealed by his white tank top, a spherical chin, and light red-brown hair that is balding on top but hairy on the rest of his body. He has unkempt eyebrows. His eyes are narrower and more spherical than those of the other protagonists.

Bill Dauterive
Cool, calm and collective: Bill Dauterive

Bill usually dresses casually in a white tank top, blue jeans, & brown work shoes. He wears his US Military uniform while working at Fort Blanda.

He was a muscular, self assured, lady-killing athlete with long, flowing, wavy hair when he was pretty young.

Bill Dauterive: Personality

Bill Dauterive is regarded as the embodiment of pathetic. He is characterised as nice but often depressed and unhappy; his overwhelming desire to make people like him makes him easily exploited, especially by Dale.

When any persona refers to losers or laments a bad fortune for fear that their lives will be wrecked, he is the first to be noted. Hank, for example, once told Peggy that a lawn makes a man a man & offers him an objective, saying, “Without my lawn, I am Bill.” Despite their belief that he is vile and sad, Hank, assumedly with Dale and Boomhauer’s agreement, sees him as courageous, genuine, and cute, “like a big ‘ol stuffed teddy bear.”

Bill Dauterive: History

Bill Dauterive is descended from an upper-class Cajun household in Louisiana, where they resided (until Gilbert was forced to sell it) on the Chateau D’Haute HauteRive (“house on the high river”). As a result, he speaks perfect Cajun French (& Tagalog, among other languages) and plays the piano expertly, which astounds him more than it does everybody else. His father was at the very least abusive, whipping him on a regular basis and forcing him to wear dresses. Gilbert, his only alive male relative, even now lives in Louisiana; the 2 are guardians of the family’s hidden barbecue sauce recipe, which Gilbert fails to sell to Bill. Moreover, Bill eventually revealed the recipe to Bobby Hill, preserving the Dauterive tradition.

Bill Dauterive
Impact of Bill Dauterive

Bill is frequently used as a foil by his mates, who orally and verbally berate him on a daily basis, either because they are unaware of how painful their dismissive comments are or because Bill is too much of a doormat to care. Hank usually ignores his remarks (“Shut up, Bill”) but has been known to intimidate to kick him in the a**.

Although his mates are frequently annoyed or infuriated by his dumbness and the amount of times he has ruined their strategies, they were heartbroken when it showed up that he had martyred himself to save them when they were trapped on an army target zone, with Hank describing him as a good friend – sweet, faithful, and courageous.


  • Bill was renamed the “BillDozer” (Bill/Bulldozer) in high school for his unbreakable game on the offensive line for his high school football team.
  • Bill is often seen wearing a sloppy white tank top.
  • Bill is currently employed as a barber in the U.s. Army. His rank is indicated on his shirt as Sgt.
  • In S3 EP9 “Pretty Pretty Outfits,” Bill is shown wearing an ARCENT patch on his military uniform.
  • Bill sees himself as chubbier and with much less hair than he genuinely is. This can be seen in S3 E10 “A Fighting Fires We Will Go,” when Bill discusses how the fire began at the Arlen Fire Dept.
  • Bill drives a 1987 Ford Escort in Marine Blue with a “Army” bumper sticker on the back.
  • Bill has the series’ 1st line.
  • Bill is fluent in Cajun French.
  • Dale says Bill has a blue shirt that he likes.
  • Bill succeeds and climbs out of his pit of misery on several occasions, but then something goes horribly wrong & he reverts into it.
  • Bill is frequently hit in the groyne.

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